why its important to switch to sustainable cleaning supplies

Why it is important to switch to sustainable cleaning supplies

As we learn and understand more about our planet, it’s clear that the way we treat it needs to change. The climate crisis is a pressing issue and whilst major adjustments like the reduction of fossil fuels are the way forward, we can make a difference at home too. 

Many of us are familiar with the benefits of recycling, but one eco swap that you may not have considered in your home is your household cleaning routine. But with many people spending an average of 10 days cleaning per year, the products that we use on this chore soon add up, so it’s well worth making a sustainable switch. Here, we explain why.

They’re better for the environment

There are several issues with cleaning products – one, the products themselves can harm the environment, and two, the cloths and sponges we use to apply them and wipe them off can do the same. Chemical compounds in cleaning products can reduce the quality of the water, harm aquatic life and even contribute to smog formation.

Sustainable cleaning products are generally designed to be water and animal safe, in bottles made of recycled plastic. You can even make your own cleaning products out of household ingredients such as lemons, vinegar and baking soda to reduce your impact even further.

They can save you money in the long run

Whilst the biggest savings can come from creating your own cleaning products, as they contain easy-to-buy ingredients, you’ll be surprised at the price of ready-made sustainable products too. Whilst prices will vary, some companies offer cleaning ‘drops’ that you add to tap water in bottles that you already own – therefore cutting both the cost of the bottle and the cost that is added for making it up for you.

Additionally, whilst buying long-lasting cleaning tools may be more expensive than buying cheap disposable cloths at first, it will pay off in the long run as you can reuse your items again and again. Scrubbing brushes and other tools are also likely to be made of wood rather than plastic, and should therefore be less likely to snap. 

If you want to reduce costs, then save up old fabric from used clothes, towels and dishcloths, and cut them into smaller pieces to use as rags.

Keeping your house clean reduces long-term issues

A regular cleaning routine saves you from experiencing long-term issues with your property. For example, running hot water into a drain once a week after you’re done scrubbing the shower or sink will help reduce the risk of any blockages. You can also get strainers that catch any hair or debris before they go down the drain in the first place – but these require regular cleaning, so it’s important to have a good routine in place to make sure everything stays hygienic. Choosing the right sustainable cleaning supplies allows you to keep up your regular cleaning without the smell of harsh chemicals, or the worry that you’re damaging the planet. 

Better for you, better for the environment

In conclusion, there are some clear benefits for making the switch to sustainable cleaning. Not only is it better for the environment, but it can potentially save you money through the longevity of the products you buy. Remember, a regular cleaning routine is essential for keeping your home hygienic and reducing the risk of a larger cleaning job further down the line.